Global Security and Obama’s War Rhetoric: Moscow Slams Washington for “Embarking on a Path of Confrontation”

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A day after US President Barack Obama’s state of the union address, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov slammed Washington for embarking on a path of confrontation with Moscow.

“Following the United States’ actions, a mood of confrontation has prevailed in the North Atlantic alliance. It has made an absolutely politicized decision on suspending cooperation on […]

NATO’s “Foreign Legions” Operating in East Ukraine. Vladimir Putin

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Excerpts from transcript of meeting with students at the Mining University


Regrettably, the government in Kiev has refused to take the road of a peaceful settlement and does not want to resolve the problem through political means. First they used the law enforcement agencies, then the security services, and then the army. Later, when […]

Interview with regular Ukrainian captured soldier

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Reasonable regular soldier….not Right Sector Nazi orc. The NAF are not against the regular Ukrainian army. They are against the Right Sector, the Kiev fascists, the oligarchs and the 1% and the EUSA vassals who send brothers to fight and die against brothers.

Kiev faked Pro-Russian rebel conversations about MH-17

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Newly released analysis of the audio footage that was put out by the Kiev fascist regime shows that they faked the recordings that blamed the rebels. In other words they knew it was going to happen as they had prepared the recordings in advance. Here’s a link to the […]