Top 10 Demonstrations with Tuning Forks

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Tuning forks are wonderful tools for teaching physics. In this video and accompanying article, James Lincoln, Physics Teacher at Tarbut V Torah High School highlights 10 enriching demonstrations using tuning forks with everyday lab items like strobes, mirrors, water, ping pong balls, oscilloscopes, and lasers.

Introduction to Tuning Forks from the National Museum of American History

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Meet Steven Turner, curator at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History, as he discusses the Smithsonian’s scientific instrument collection. This video focuses the science behind and uses for tuning forks, including demonstrations of tuning forks on resonators, the Grand Tonometer, a medical tuning fork, and a beats apparatus. […]

Liberation from programming

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There are two major effects of overall mind control.

The first is the distracting and confusing of thought processes.

This is defeated and kept at bay by logic, a discipline employed by Plato and refined by his student, Aristotle.

Today, logic needs to be expanded and updated to deal with the flood of information and […]

Die Glaubwürdigkeit der Massenmedien

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Die Massenmedien und ihre Credibility – Ein Thema für sich! In diesem Video werden grundlegende Themen und Berichte der Medien bearbeitet, Widersprüche und Fälschungen werden gezeigt und entlarvt. Verbreiten und Posten des Videos ist natürlich erwünscht.

Think the Colonial Era is Over? Look at Libya, Think Again

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While Western officials consider the prospects of another military intervention in Libya, French special forces are already reported to be deployed in the country. Focusing on the Italian government’s agonizing over the decision to intervene, journalist Manlio Dinucci suggests that the Libyan case is proof that the colonial era is far from over. In his […]

The Assault on Russia Tennis Star Maria Sharapova Is Outrageous

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She is target of special scorn because she is Russian. In fact the medicine she was taking had been legal until 2 months ago, can protect the heart from over-exertion, and was added to banned substance list under an alternative name that the Russian did not recongize. One of the world’s best female tennis players, […]

Spenden Sie für amerika21

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Unterstützen Sie unabhängige Berichterstattung aus und über Lateinamerika. Amerika21 liefert Ihnen unabhängige und tagesaktuelle Informationen aus Lateinamerika. Damit dies so bleiben kann, sind wir auf Ihre Hilfe angewiesen: Spenden Sie für amerika21, um auch weiterhin unabhängige Berichterstattung zu ermöglichen. Das Geld wird über unseren Trägerverein Mondial21 e. V. verwaltet.

›› Weiterlesen: Warum amerika21 finanzielle Unterstützung […]