Hezbollah: US Bombing Iraqi Army, Popular Forces’ Positions Not ISIL

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Iraq’s Hezbollah Battalions complained that US warplanes have intentionally bombarded the positions of the Iraqi army and the volunteer forces in the Northern Babil province for the second time in the last month on the pretext of targeting ISIL strongholds. “The intentional bombing of armed forces and popular forces shows wicked intentions of the US […]

Russian intellegence reported that yesterday from Syria deserted about 600 foreign ISIS terorrists with aim to get as refugees to EU

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My translation:

0.00 – 0.38: Reports Andrey Kartapolov, general-mayor. From 30th Sep Russian jets made more than 60 sorties in Syrian Arab Republic with aim to damage 50 ISIS infrastructural objects. Those objects are: commandment locations, ammunition and explosives warehouses, telecommunication centers, small manufactures of weaponry and terrorist training […]