Russia expose German Propaganda

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Russia is charging that the biggest German channel ZDF hired actors to portray separatist soldiers, allegedly paid by Russia, in a major documentary film about Putin.

Just when you thought the Russophobic propaganda put out by Western mainstream media couldn’t possibly get any worse or more hysterically absurd, German […]

Pokemon Go Swarm Shows How Easy It Is to Control the Masses

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Yes, this clip really is of people reacting to a rare Pokemon spawning in a park in Taiwan. Guess DARPA can stop spending hundreds of millions of dollars on brain-to-computer interface hive mind technology research… all they have to do is get everyone to play Pokemon Go and they’ll control the masses easy, no problem.

Bing Translates ‘Daesh’ to ‘Saudi Arabia,’ Kingdom Not Happy

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Parent company Microsoft has apologized, blaming user suggestions for the mistranslation.

Bing search engine and its parent U.S.-based company Microsoft are coming under fire from users in Saudi Arabia after it was shown that Bing translated “Daesh,” the Arabic acronym for the Islamic State group, to “Saudi Arabia.” Angry Saudis took to Twitter using an […]

Erdogan Calls Putin as Russia Seethes at Turkey’s Syrian Incursio

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I have to admit that I still am rather puzzled by the Turkish “invasion” of Syria. There are several hypotheses about what the Turks are really up to and what their real goal is. Since my friends Alexander Mercouris and Mark Sleboda seem to have a much better understanding of what is happening than I, […]

How the Pro-Coup US Is Undermining Brazil’s Democracy

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The U.S. has been actively supportive of the interim government, with many of its Cabinet members already close to the U.S., according to WikiLeaks documents.

The United States has been essential in legitimizing Brazil’s impeachment process—widely described by others as a soft coup—and has played a hand in propping up the interim government. Many members […]

Why There’s a Media Blackout on the Native American Dakota Oil Pipeline Blockade

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As the Lakota Sioux continue their peaceful blockade of the $3.8 billion Dakota Access Pipeline, the story’s absence from the national media narrative is palpable. Considering the corporate media’s chronic quest for controversial stories on government versus public standoffs, you’d think this situation would garner the typical media frenzy invoked during a right-wing militia occupation […]

Hillary-Leaks: NSA-Dissident Binney gegen Putins-Hacker-Theorie

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William Binney meldete ernste Zweifel an der in allen Westmedien ventilierten Verschwörungstheorie, „russische Hacker“ hätten Hillary Clintons E-mails gehackt. Viel eher kämen US-Experten in Frage, etwa aus der NSA. Binney war selbst maßgeblicher Architekt des globalen NSA–Überwachungsprogramms, das Snowden aufdeckte. Berühmter Whistleblower wurde er, als er 2001 nach mehr als 30 Dienstjahren mit der NSA […]

Schlussakkord dem Drohnenmord: Blockade des AFRICOM in Stuttgart

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Mit unserer Konzert-Blockade stellen wir uns gegen Todeslisten, Kampfdrohnen und Krieg von deutschem Boden.

* Schluss mit dem Drohnenkrieg! Keine Kampfdrohnen für die Bundeswehr!
* Für die sofortige Schließung des AFRICOM in Stuttgart-Möhringen und aller Militär-Kommandozentralen. => Aufruf | Call to Action

23.-30. August 2016, Esslingen/Stuttgart

Konzert-Blockade des AFRICOM
Montag, 29.08.16, […]