NEW PICTURES SHOWN IN EUROPE terrorist infiltrators as refugees

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New images recently released, allegedly “refugees” arriving in Europe
and were seen before the jihadists fighting in rebel factions in Syria.

At least three people have been identified in Europe and entering that
had previously been identified for militant groups fighting Al-Qaeda.

The photos are the most widely circulated images showing Laith Al […]

ALERT! UN Releases Plan to Push for Worldwide Internet Censorship

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On Thursday, the organization’s Broadband Commission for Digital Development released a damning “world-wide wake-up call” on what it calls “cyber VAWG,” or violence against women and girls. The report concludes that online harassment is “a problem of pandemic proportion” — which, nbd, we’ve all heard before.

But the United […]

Etching Aluminium For Improved SuperCapacitor Performance

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A nice little technique for micro etching aluminium plates to improve supercapacitor performance.
the NaOH cleans the foil and forms nucleation sites – the HCl etches the foil starting at the nucleation sites – if you leave it in the HCl long enough you will get a microporous […]