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Freedom Under Fire: Congress Eyes Requiring Gun Liability Insurance

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Gun owners will have to carry liability insurance if a bill introduced Friday by New York House Democrat Rep. Carolyn Maloney successfully makes its way through Congress.

Rep. Maloney’s The Firearm Risk Protection Act would subject gun owners to a $10,000 fine if they ignored a mandate for liability […]

Soros, NATO, US Color Revolution Machine Behind Macedonia Unrest

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Macedonia is a critical link for getting Gaxprom Turk Stream gas into the European market and this is something that the US government is completely against..

The fact that George Soros is partnering again with the Serbian based Canvas group reveals a greater plan to instigate a Ukraine Maidan […]

Nasrallah speaking of victory over Israel in liberating south Lebanon (Full)

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The leader of Lebanon’s Hezbollah movement says the US and Saudi aggression on Yemen will achieve none of its goals because of the spectacular resistance put up by the people of Yemen.
Nasrallah called on Saudi Arabia to stop its deadly bombing campaign against Yemen, which has resulted in hundreds of civilian deaths since […]