The Church: The Enemy Of The Workers

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Rome Is The Natural Ally Of All Exploiters. The first letter I received told me that the land is entirely Fascist, which I knew; that all the priests belong to the Fascist party, which is also called Catholic Action and holds its meetings in the Churches, and that every boy or youth works in it. The local newspapers praise the Germans every day as well as the Italians. In the course of a recent editorial one said: „If God so wills it we must substitute the cross of the Swastika for the cross of Christ.“

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The Tyranny Of The Clerical Gestapo

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In the preceding booklet I showed that the structure of the Church of Rome is such that an alliance with Fascist powers is its inevitable attitude. It is an institution that survives from the Feudal Age and, since it is not now permitted to exercise the physical tyranny over men which it still claim’s, it must, whenever wealth and privilege are threatened, associate with any forces which disown the democratic restraints of our age and by violence and bloodshed suppress the critics of privilege and seek an extension of their wealth and power.

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The Totalitarian Church Of Rome

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During the past few years several estimable American writers have claimed that the Roman Church is in sympathy with Fascism and has itself a semi-Fascist complexion. In support of this charge they have adduced such evidence that even Catholics have been disturbed and divided. Apologists of the Jesuit type, who had represented the Church as the faithful guardian, if not the mother, of freedom and democracy, have excelled themselves in the contortions of their craft.

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